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    Why you want to hire ACE for your next event?!

    If your desire is to have your coworkers, friends and relatives talking about your event for years to come, then ACE is the company for you! Any Case Events is in no way your typical event hosting company. We are a premier entertainment agency that provides all-inclusive high caliber entertainment. Unique from typical event hosting companies, our servers provide event long entertainment at no extra cost to you. At ACE we make dining an enjoyable, entertaining, interactive and most importantly unforgettable experience.

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    Trends That Will Keep Your Guests Entertained

    People are always searching for the ‘it’ factor to make their evening the event of all events and put chatter of any other parties to rest so they can reign supreme party thrower! Who wouldn’t want to hold the title of throwing an amazing event and have bragging rights for years to come? Though everyone can’t afford to have exotic animals, marching bands or helicopter entrances having a staff of servers that are also entertainers is a great way to entertain your guests.

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    Impress Your Guest at Your Next Event with Dancing Servers

    With ACE each event that we have the honor of hosting and serving for is always kept near and dear to our hearts. We enjoy seeing the smiles, the laughter and pure astonishment on the guest’s faces when our server’s surprisingly breakout in dance, whip out fire, or start voguing down the aisle. With hosting countless events over the years comes the privilege of getting to know what really resonates with guests and surprising them with a dancing wait staff definitely does the trick.