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Impress Your Guest at Your Next Event with Dancing Servers

Impress Your Guest at Your Next Event with Dancing Servers.

With ACE each event that we have the honor of hosting and serving for is always kept near and dear to our hearts. We enjoy seeing the smiles, the laughter and pure astonishment on the guest’s faces when our server’s surprisingly breakout in dance, whip out fire, or start voguing down the aisle. With hosting countless events over the years comes the privilege of getting to know what really resonates with guests and surprising them with a dancing wait staff definitely does the trick.
It truly is the little things that go a long way. Guests absolutely adore unique experiences at events. When the host goes out of their way to make their guest feel special it leaves a lasting impression long after the event is over. Having dancing servers really adds something special to the event that most companies simply don’t offer.
The great thing about ACE is that we hire a staff that is specifically catered to fit your events needs. Let’s say you are hosting an 85th birthday party for your grandmother who was a trained ballet dancer, what better way to wow granny over dinner than having the servers break out in a pirouette leading to an all out classical ballet number? She as well as all of your other guests will be in awe.
Suppose you are hosting an 80’s themed event. What is the 80’s without trained break dancers breaking it down on the dance floor? Is there anything more entertaining than a waiter rocking a graphic tee under his uniform pop locking and dropping it after he’s served you dessert?
Better yet seeing an entire wait staff dance to a choreographed number that looks like something straight out of the Great Gatsby for your companies 1920’s themed 20th anniversary.
Hosting a circus themed event for your child’s first birthday party? Contortionist and aerialist will surely keep both the children and adults entertained before and after dinner is served. The list goes on and so does the dancing abilities of our staff.
Our staff of servers are trained in many different forms of dance and free movement whatever you desire for your event, we are willing and able to provide.
The difference between an ok event and an event that is unforgettable is in the details.  Pay attention to the things many people look over and nail it for a night your guests will remember for a lifetime.

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