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Trends That Will Keep Your Guests Entertained

Trends That Will Keep Your Guests Entertained.

People are always searching for the ‘it’ factor to make their evening the event of all events and put chatter of any other parties to rest so they can reign supreme party thrower! Who wouldn’t want to hold the title of throwing an amazing event and have bragging rights for years to come? Though everyone can’t afford to have exotic animals, marching bands or helicopter entrances having a staff of servers that are also entertainers is a great way to entertain your guests.
Make it interactive
After having to listen to the CEO tell the same story of how he built the company from the ground up with nothing but a computer and a $1,000 loan from his parents for 45 minutes straight, or having to sit through an excruciating long wedding next to grandma poking you asking you when will you get married, a little bit of moving around can definitely make the night more enjoyable. Guests enjoy interaction. We at ACE love being able to interact with guest! Is your aunt a trained dancer who hasn’t busted a move in years but raves about her dancing skills? Did your four year old niece just get out of ballet practice and is itching to show her moves? Perhaps your boss claims to be king of the dancehall. Whoever it is that wants to get loose our staff is ready to cut a rug with them. So grab nana’s walker and bring your dancing shoes because dinner is always more fun with dancing.
Have a theme
We have seen them all, from 80s skate parties, Great Gatsby themes, favorite character costume party and the list goes on and on and on! Themed parties are great especially when done right. Guests get to experience the excitement for the party well before it begins when searching for the right costume and accessories to fit the night and get to see what ideas other attendees came up with. Themed parties can be very entertaining and when effort is put in to really nail the theme it’s magical.  At ACE we especially love themes because our trained staff get to be creative and truly get into character. We hire dancers of every genre who can effortlessly pull off any theme.  From dancing the Charleston, to break dancing whatever you have in mind, we have got you covered!
Now that you know a few great ways to keep your guests entertained, it’s time to get brainstorming and party planning!

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